Feature in the Brighton Argus

When you send out PR notices, it’s hard to know whether any will be picked up, and they often don’t let you know if they do pick up on them, so sometimes it can be a complete surprise when you do get featured – a good one though!

I was recently alerted to a magazine feature by our lovely postman, who, when realising I didn’t know anything about it, also was kind enough to find me a copy of the Brighton Argus publication and drop it through our door.

WP_20160218_11_02_32_Pro (2)A little while after that, I was alerted to the fact that the Argus had also been kind enough to run an article on the website too – you can find it here .

It just goes to prove that whilst you may not think people are interested, just because you don’t hear from them, sometimes they are. Everyone is busy so it’s a case of keeping an eye out and hoping for the best, really. At least, that’s what I’ve found.

I’m super grateful for the staff involved at Brighton Argus for taking the time to include the feature and hope that you enjoy it!

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