Keeping Track Of What I Read

I read. A lot. Still not as much as I’d like, or as much as some other people. But quite a lot. And over the last few years, I’ve started keeping a list of the books I’ve read, just for my own interest. It also helps me see if I’ve read more or less than the previous year – and because I like things like that, it makes me happy. I just make a note of the title, author – there’s no further comment about it, unless I didn’t finish it, in which case I note that too, but I don’t go into the reasons. 8414a824-7b93-4445-97ad-168f4f1aed85

This year I took part in the #20booksofsummer reading challenge. I didn’t quite make it (I think I got to 14 or 15 in the end), but as we had a heck of a summer, I’m still pretty pleased to have achieved that many. I never stressed on not ‘completing’ it – that’s not the point of any of these things. It’s not something you can fail at. It’s just something fun to take part in – if you do the set amount, great! If you don’t, well that’s great too. You probably still read more than you might have done, just because you had the challenge in your mind – I know I did.

So far this year I’ve read 38 books, plus two that I couldn’t finish. I will give a book a really good go – the last one I didn’t finish, I ended up reading a third of it but, by then, I still didn’t like the main character, or her views – it just wasn’t a book for me and there are so many others out there that I do want to read, that I learned a while ago, slogging through something you’re not enjoying is a waste of precious time. Having said that, I only think it fair to the author to give it a decent chance. Some books take a little while to get into, but then you can’t bear to put them down!

a91a0dd4-2000-425e-9a76-8018327a38fdAccording to my list, last year I read 36 books in total, again with two that I couldn’t get through, so it looks like I’m up this year already, which is fun to know. Having said that, all of this has made little to no impact on my To Be Read pile as I endlessly add to that and have a bit of an addiction to the library. But hey, there are worst vices.

Do you keep track of the books you read, and if so, how? Do you make notes as to what you thought about them or just their titles and authors?

Happy reading!

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  1. I keep track of all my books on Goodreads. I write reviews on books I have really enjoyed. I have met my reading goal for the year, but I have 171 books on my To Read shelf! I know that I will never read them all as I keep adding to it faster than I can read them, but it makes me happy to see so many books that I want to read.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kristah – how lovely to hear from you again! That’s a great idea. I must admit I haven’t quite figured out Goodreads quite yet. It’s on the long list of ‘To Do’ things! But you did remind me that I keep track of books I actually want to read, but haven’t bought/borrowed yet on my Amazon wishlist, which I suppose is a similar thing. When I’ve read them, I just go on there and either delete them if I got them elsewhere and/or leave a review.
      I hope you are keeping well and look forward to chatting with you again. Are you on Twitter at all?

        1. Oh I hope so. Be lovely to see you on there 🙂 Thanks so much. I really hope you enjoy it! I hope you have a great Christmas, if I don’t speak to you before! xx

    2. Gosh, I daren’t count how many books are on my TBR list! Ha ha! I’ve not had too much interaction on Goodreads yet. It’s hard trying to keep up with every network, isn’t it? x

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