Being interviewed by The Blossom Twins

I’ve been a fan of the fabulous Blossom Twins, Lucy and Kelly, for a couple of years now, and their blog ‘Sweet Is Always In Style’. They, and their individual accounts, on Instagram are really fun and inspirational as they chat about books, health, fitness, beauty, food and general lifestyle. If you’re interested in any of these subjects, I’d highly recommend taking a look at their blog and following their Instagram and Twitter.

When I found out that The Blossom Twins were reading, and loving, my latest book ‘The Christmas Project’, I was absolutely thrilled, and the wonderful review that followed from them absolutely made my day (you can see that review here ).

So you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me and asked if I would interested in being interviewed on their blog! That would be a definite ‘yes please!’ We had a lovely chat about books, reading, travel, and all sorts of other fun things! Feel free to hop over to Sweet Is Always In Style and join in the fun here

Thanks so much to The Blossom Twins for having me and I really hope you enjoy the interview too!

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