Book Review: Christmas With Her Millionaire – Barbara Wallace

Noelle Fryberg loves Christmas but she feels like everything is changing. With her husband and father in law gone, her mother in law has decided to sell the family toy emporium and retire to Florida. To make it worse, it’s been bought by the annoyingly handsome James Drummond. And while he clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to profits and bottom lines, he’s definitely lacking in the spirit of the season…but is his lack of apparent joy masking something else?


I absolutely loved this book, and didn’t want to put it down. Noelle was adorable from the start and James, although cool to start with, soon works his way in to our hearts, especially as his backstory begins to be unravelled. Being from the Cherish stable of Mills & Boon, it’s very much a ‘closing the bedroom door’ style story but lacks nothing for that. It’s fun, gorgeously festive, and lovingly romantic!

I’ve recently become a Mills & Boon Insider which means I get to read and review some scrumptious books, and some of those reviews I will be sharing here with you.

The first of those is this fab offering from Barbara Wallace, called Christmas With Her Millionaire Boss. I absolutely loved this book and it gets five big sparkly stars from me!

So, to see why, read on!



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