Book Review: The Things We Need To Say – Rachel Burton

Will and Fran are trying again. Trying to repair the marriage that became a casualty of the traumatic times they have had to experience. Realising their love is still strong, they begin the delicate task of putting their relationship back together. But then Fran accidentally sees a text on Will’s phone that shatters everything…

Having now read two books by Rachel Burton, there’s an innate quality about her novels that I don’t think I’ve found in any others. They are full of emotion and tension but in a quiet, dignified way which seems tied up with their innate Englishness. Losing yourself in one of this author’s books is remarkably soothing, despite the emotions wrought within them.

The character of Fran in The Things We Need To Say is a yoga teacher, helping her students to let go of the things that hold them back, and learning to feel comforted and relaxed through their classes. As a qualified Yogi herself, it suddenly came to me that Ms Burton has brought that very same quality to her writing. Diving into any of her books is a wonderful experience. They are very real;  heartwarming, as well as heart breaking all wrapped up with a sense of hope. She is an author to watch and definitely not one you should miss.




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