Epilogue – Things Are Looking Up

Epilogues are one of those things that some people aren’t so bothered about, but then there are others who desperately want to know what happened after the HEA (my books guarantee a happy ever after. It’s non negotiable).

With the book ‘Things Are Looking Up’, it was decided that things tied up well but for those who wanted that extra little bit, then the epilogue would be available on my publisher’s website, at BoldwoodBooks.com. This is mentioned after the last page in the book but I think some people may have missed it, so I’m going to pop it here too, just in case and to make it easier.

I really hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you have read and loved this, or any of my books, a review would be so appreciated. These help so much with that giant of shopping’s algorithims and can really help an author’s books get noticed, so every review, even just a line, really does help and is hugely appreciated, so thank you.

In the meantime, here’s the epilogue to ‘Things Are Looking Up’

Love, Maxi x

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